Aereon has built and serviced air emission control and/or vapor recovery equipment for the Terminals Industry for well over 30 years around the globe. From high volume and complex marine terminal facilities that require adherence to US Coast Guard standards all the way down to smaller/simpler liquid loading product terminals in-land, Aereon designs, manufacturers and services Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs), Vapor Combustion Units (VCUs) and associated equipment such as Dock Safety Skids, Blower Skids, Emission Monitors, etc.

AEREON offers one of the broadest offerings of custom, semi-custom, and standard flare systems in the industry ... PERIOD! We design, manufacture, commission and service flare systems, plus provide economical flare tip retrofit packages for all original manufacturer's systems. 

Enclosed combustion systems are designed to safely burn vapors, control airflow and help reduce fuel costs, while operating in a temperature-controlled chamber which improves destruction efficiency and eliminates visible flames. 

Since 1980, AEREON’s Jordan Technologies has designed, manufactured and serviced VRUs in use across multiple industries such as liquid-loading terminals, O&G production and midstream distribution, and gasoline stations.

The services division provides commissioning and installation support, routine maintenance and inspections (PMIs), emergency repairs, retrofits and equipment upgrades, troubleshooting services, and in some markets full emission testing services


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